About Being Human Psychotherapy

What you'll see when you arrive

Inside the consultation room

I’m Adele O’Hare, an educational and developmental psychologist who appreciates both the diversity and the commonality of the human condition. I enjoy doing attachment-based psychotherapy with a wide range of people, and they tend to feel welcome and at ease in my presence.

The nature of being human is that we all have the same underlying needs: a secure base from which to learn and explore the world, and a safe haven to welcome us back in, even when we’re not feeling okay. We need to know, deep down, that we can be our authentic selves and still be loved. That we matter.

It is part of the human condition that we each experience some form of struggle, longing, loss and insecurity in our lives. I bring a trauma-informed, contextual, systems perspective to mental health, informed by my postgraduate training in educational and developmental psychology. 

About me 

I am a mother to two girls, and before becoming a psychologist I worked in journalism and public policy. In my spare time I like to practise yoga, immerse myself in a good novel, dabble in singing, ukulele and piano, and go on long walks while listening to psychotherapy podcasts. I am a nature lover with only the most basic of gardening skills, and I can’t do without my morning double shot flat white. My pronouns are she/her. 

What I can help with

I am trained in psychology across the lifespan, and now focus on attachment-based psychotherapy with adults. I have a particular interest in transitions between life stages, such as emerging into adulthood, becoming a parent, and adult relationship and role transitions. People see me for help with perinatal depression and anxiety, challenges in parenting their children, relationship difficulties, identity struggles, burnout and stress, and grief and loss. I also work with relational trauma, childhood emotional neglect, and family of origin issues.

Outside of my scope

At my clinic at Arana Hills, I do not work with clients under 18 years of age. I do not conduct assessments for ADHD, autism or learning difficulties (however, I am trained in working with these presentations and regularly support people in understanding their neurodivergence and/or navigating the assessment process). Please note that Being Human Psychotherapy does not conduct assessments for court purposes or prepare medico-legal reports. 

Other areas of interest

I enjoy supporting fellow psychologists, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, social workers, and counsellors with the challenges of sustaining the role of helper amid the other aspects of being human. I also have a particular interest in helping women experiencing depression and anxiety in the perinatal period. As well, I am able to hold space with courage and compassion when people are experiencing distress and grief related to climate change.

How I work

I draw on psychodynamic psychotherapy, internal family systems (IFS), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), interpersonal psychotherapy, and mentalising interventions. I enjoy working with clients who are looking to engage in medium- to long-term psychotherapy. At the core of all my work is the Circle of Security framework for building attachment security, and I have unique advanced training in this modality. At Being Human Psychotherapy, I offer both the intensive Circle of Security intervention and Circle of Security Parenting course to parents who want to do the reflective process to enable their children to feel more secure in their attachment.