Contacting your psychologist between sessions

I am able to be contacted via email or text message for brief administrative matters between sessions. However, to sustain my capacity as a solo psychologist and fellow human, I have careful boundaries around this contact.

  • Please be aware that I do not check work email or work phone on weekends or outside of my clinic hours, so I might not get back to you right away.
  • If you send me longer emails to update me on matters, I will read these prior to your next appointment time but will either send a brief response or discuss the matters in session. Keep in mind that email is not secure so it is not recommended for conveying sensitive information. 
  • I do not provide psychological support via email, phone or other means between sessions, for several reasons. Written communication is prone to misinterpretation, and I cannot assess the mental state of the writer or the full context adequately to give appropriate psychological support. As well, a great deal of time would be needed to read, reflect and respond sensitively. 
  • As such, email and phone/text message are mainly for administrative matters, and psychological support and therapy work are done within sessions.